Monday, September 4, 2017

Wise Blood: another fork in the road

Who said, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it"? 

Those words have been attributed to the great baseball player and coach, Yogi Berra, and the curious statement went on to become the title of one of his books.

Now, though, I am appropriating that statement as my own because I have come to yet another fork in the road.

My recent readings in the New Testament remind me of my abiding (obsessive-compulsive) interest in Flannery O'Connor. Her stories, novels, speeches, essays, and correspondence fascinate me.

I first encountered O'Connor in the late 90s, a bit late in my life, and I have been a close-reader of her work ever since.

Now, just because it seems natural and even preordained by a Higher Power (i.e., God), I am taking the required fork in the road, setting aside my other reading and blogging plans, and I will be committed to rereading O'Connor's first novel, Wise Blood. Then I will be rereading the rest of the O'Connor library. Concurrently, I will continue my reading of the New Testament.

My rereading of O'Connor's novel, her other works, and the New Testament will does not mean that I will be "off the air" (without making other postings and without visiting other blogs); however, I never know what will happen here because my impulses, compulsions, and obsessions will not be denied. So stay tuned.

Now, though, let me challenge you -- yes, I dare you -- to answer (and explain your answer to) a provocative question (one that is  quite relevant to a theme in O'Connor's novel, and at the same time one that I hope does not scare you off):

Do you acknowledge or deny the existence of God?   


  1. I think you could do far worse, Tim, than to focus some reading time on O'Conner's work. She was very talented.

    1. Margot, I believe she was more than talented. She was guided by God. Some people do not like that kind of assertion. It makes them uncomfortable. I wonder why.