Saturday, August 12, 2017

Why this blog is being consigned to the wasteland

In my shrinking world of fast fading physical and cognitive capacities, I see no sense in my blogging efforts, especially since the audience has been evaporating and losing interest, and my contributions to blogging are shallow redundancies and confusing contradictions. So, even though I might still visit other blogs, this blog will be consigned to the wasteland. 


  1. Oh, come now! The host of us who appear every time you issue a provoking question must give the idea to our losing interest! The conversations here are one of the more interesting places I go. Once more into the breach, and again and again as often as you would like.

    1. You're too kind, Stephen. Host? Sit back and watch the small response and the giant irony. Onward!

  2. I really hope you'll re-think this, Tim, although of course, it's your decision. I learn every time I visit. And there are always interesting questions discussed here.

  3. I certainly have not lost interest. I think that your blog is very much worth it Tim.

    I hope that you change your mind and decide to continue.

  4. Tim,

    I don't get a lot of feedback at my website,, (many thanks for your comments), but I know I have a good number of readers from my stats.

    I rarely comment on the many online posts and pieces I read, so you can't judge your impact by online comments, or even stats.

    If I have only one or two discerning readers, I feel my efforts are worth it.

    Perhaps you should think this way as well.


  5. like Margot says, it's your business, but i'd sorely miss a locale to vent my inanities...

  6. Tim as Paul Davis says the reward is in the few who follow. And unless you see your numbers you may have more people than you think. There a lot of lurkers out there.

  7. I choose not to believe you! Hope you are feeling well...

  8. It seems to me that this is the sort of decision to ponder for a week or two. You could find yourself in better spirits and change your mind.

  9. Mudpuddle, Julie, Marly, George, Paul, Brian, Margot, Stephen, and others: thanks for the encouragement, the arguments, and the kind words. I am at a low point here. Phoenix-like, I might arise again, but time will tell.