Sunday, July 30, 2017

In the beginning: my focus on the Holy Bible

Okay, here is the baited hook: I'm now going to embrace and reject my own words.

The words to which I refer are included in my comments within my previous posting (i.e., the post entitled "Blogging Notes and Queries").

The "embrace" is encompassed in my sad but true understanding that what I have done in past postings and what I am about to do in future postings has much to do with attention and ego; in other words, my ego dominates me so much that I seek attention for my postings. It is part of the universal human condition: we speak in order to be heard. Moreover, we speak often in order to communicate with others in conversations. So, I hope future postings will lead to conversations.

However, because of what I am determined to do in future postings, I try to "reject" those previously cited words -- attention and ego -- and instead I embrace the life-and-death compulsion to understand my place in this world and beyond. My single-most indispensable guide for that understanding is the Holy Bible. I understand that some people think the Holy Bible is God's word; other people think the book is merely a book filled with stories. As for myself, I tend to be among the former rather than the latter. But we will not debate the issues underlying the differences of opinions.

Now, even as I realize my future postings by their very nature will be personal and selfish, perhaps without wide appeal or interest to or acceptance by others, I will nevertheless try to keep my focus on the Bible's cultural, historical, and literary matters rather than my own religious or spiritual reactions and musings. Those latter will considerations will be private. This is, after all, a book blog. So, I will focus on the book as a book.  

Of course, I will continue to offer postings on other items of interest. 

So, friends, even though I know what I am about to do with respect to the Bible is filled with ironies and problems, I am determined to proceed. And here is my fervent hope: I hope you will continue to visit here, read the postings, offer comments, and join the conversations. Help keep me focused on my promised focus: the cultural, historical, and literary aspects of the Holy Bible. 

Moreover, on a related note, there is this article about Biblical narrative and knowledge.

Well, what do you say?

Let me begin the discussion in a different, perhaps more provocative way: What does the Bible mean to you? 


  1. it doesn't mean a whole lot to me, but the point is that it does to you... everyone has a right to follow their own weird, where ever it may lead and if Bible studies and Christianity are what do it for you, then that's what you should do...

    1. Mudpuddle, thanks, but what do you mean by "follow their own weird "?

    2. that's an expression that means "to do what you want to"...

    3. So this dog learns new trick of language. Thanks, Mudpuddle.

  2. I am an unbeliever. I think that the Bible is an incredibly rich collection of literature and philosophy. I find that reading it is both important and enjoyable. I could talk and write about its various aspects for days on end. Thus, I am looking forward to your future postings.

    1. Brian, I look forward to your visits and comments. My postings on the Bible will be occasional rather than regular and frequent.