Sunday, March 19, 2017

Looking for Lilith -- the female night demon

Let's talk about Lilith. No, I do not mean the character portrayed by Bebe Neuwirth in Frasier (the TV series). I am talking about the one who is (sort of) in the Bible. Well, let me explain.

You see, I once heard the name Lilith mentioned in connection with Adam (normally associated with Eve and the Garden of Eden), but I had trouble finding her in the Bible because I was looking in all the wrong places. Now I have tracked her down. 

First, here is a bit of whimsy:

Lilith and Adam
fought night and day in Eden.
Now he is with Eve.

                                          * * * * *

Now, more seriously, there is this excerpt from an interesting article:

One talmudic reference claims that people should not sleep alone at night, lest Lilith slay them (Shabbath 151b). During the 130-year period between the death of Abel and the birth of Seth, the Talmud reports, a distraught Adam separates himself from Eve. During this time he becomes the father of “ghosts and male demons and female [or night] demons” (Erubin 18b). And those who try to construct the Tower of Babel are turned into “apes, spirits, devils and night-demons” (Sanhedrin 109a). The female night demon is Lilith.

Read much more about Lilith and the rest of the fascinating story, via this link.


  1. In some fantasy literature Lilith is the first Vampire. I remember reading a particularly creepy story about her but I'm struggling to remember either book or author.... [muses]

  2. Seems crazy, but I can still remember the tag line they used for the 1964 film starring Warren Beatty and Jean Seberg: "Before there was Eve, there was evil, and her name was LILITH."

    Never saw the movie.

  3. This is such interesting mythology. It seems that Lilith may have influenced a lot of mythology about female demonic figures throughout the ages.

    Great literary detective work in tracking her down R.T.

  4. CyberKitten, Jeffrey, and Brian: Thanks for visiting and commenting. Yes, Lilith is quite the interesting figure. However, I confess that I cannot hear the name without thinking first of the character on the Frasier TV series. Writers of the program must have had a good time loading the characterization with tidbits from mythology, knowing though that those tidbits would never be understood by 99% of the people who watched the series. My discoveries via the linked article might send me back to watching Frasier reruns. Perhaps I would now "catch" the embedded jokes about Lilith.

  5. Oh, I just *loved* Lilith in Frasier. So smart, so witty, such ethereal beauty. I developed quite a 'thing' for her - although I can definitely see why their relationship didn't work out. Logic Vs Emotion is never going to be a good match - for long!

    1. what's Fraser? Lilith i've read about a bit, but only as a sort of female will of the wisp... sigh,,, my ignorance...

    2. Mudpuddle, here is a helpful link:

    3. tx, Tim... "the world is so full of a myriad of things..."